God of War Collection PS3 ROM

Full Name: God of War Collection
Game Size: 17GB
Language: US English
Genre: Action, Role-Playing
Platform: PlayStation 3
Rating: 4.1 Given by 85340 Peoples

God of War Collection Pack is available to play for the PlayStation 3 console. This game is the US-English version at Emulator Games exclusively. Download the God of War Collection Pack, and use it with an emulator to Play this PlayStation 3 game on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets in maximum quality. Before Downloading the God of War Collection Pack Just check out PlayStation 3 Emulators. This US English Language game is in the category of Action, Role-Playing Games and the size of this Rom is only 17GB. So now If you enjoy this God of War CollectionROM then you can also like other similar God of War Games like God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta, God of War II PS2 ROM, and God Of War – Chains Of Olympus.

About The Game

God of War Collection is a remastered version of the original God of War games for the PlayStation 3. It includes two games, God of War and God of War II, both with improved visuals and sound. The game follows the story of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who is betrayed by his gods and seeks revenge on them. He must battle monsters, gods, and other creatures as he travels through ancient Greece to find his ultimate goal. The gameplay in the God of War Collection is action-packed and intense. Players will use a combination of weapons, magic, and combos to defeat enemies. The game also features puzzles that require players to think strategically to progress further in the game. The graphics have been improved from the original versions with sharper textures and more detailed environments. Additionally, the sound has been remastered to provide an immersive experience for players. God of War Collection also includes bonus content such as concept art galleries, behind-the-scenes videos, and interviews with the development team. This bonus content provides insight into how the games were created and gives players an inside look at what went into making them so successful. Overall, the God of War Collection is an excellent package for fans of the series or those looking for a great action-adventure game to play on their PlayStation 3 console. With improved visuals and sound along with bonus content that provides insight into how it was made, this collection is sure to please fans old and new alike.

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